District News

5/24/2019 - Science Students Plant Herb Garden

The CHS Science Department and students have worked over the last several weeks in planting our first perennial herb gardens outside the science wing of classrooms. 

The Science National Honor Society(SNHS)  through various fundraising efforts this year, provided the funding for this project.  AP Environmental students scouted the campus for a rock wall border and the digging of the beds for planting.  Other students worked on the design and planting of various herbs including lavender, several mint varieties, thyme, oregano, sage, lemon balm, and several other plantings to continue to help attract pollinators on our campus.  The hope is to instill a love of gardening, the value of perennial edible plants, and beautifying our science wing where classes are often seen using outside areas for lab activities through out the year.  Last year an expansive butterfly and bee attracting perennial garden was planted with great success and we are seeing the fruit of our labors with an attractive wall of colorful blooms this spring.