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1/10/2020 - Science National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

The Science National Honor Society (SNHS) Induction Ceremony was held last night, January 9th. 

 There were so many inductees this year that the venue had to be moved from the Learning Commons to the Middle School cafeteria!  It was a wonderful event, and congratulations to the twenty-seven new inductees! Thank you to alumni Matthew Pickett for being the guest speaker!

The night ran smoothly with a reception at 6:30 followed by the induction at 7:00 where our new members were given certificates of induction, as well as the official Science National Honor Society pins. After, Canton and SNHS alumnus Matthew Pickett, class of 2017, gave an excellent presentation, first by sharing his experiences in college,  followed by a presentation about his summer research with enzymes for cleaning toxins from the environment. SNHS thanks Matthew for sharing his work and incredible words of wisdom about college with us.

Another big thank you to the SNHS officers and advisors Ms. Ott and Mr. Riley. We give our best wishes and congratulations as he moves on to a job at Travelers! As to our new inductees - Congratulations! We can’t wait to see what scientific success you bring to CHS!

Michelle Ott and Stephen Riley have been co-chairs of the SNHS for the past five years. Matthew Andrews, Lang Le, Annabel Hayes and Emilee Christopher are officers.


The new inductees: 

Ian Spero, Bella Gentile, Maria Pickett, Lauren Gerhold, Jessie Webb, Meg Babbitt, Tony Nardi, Lang Le, Andrew Cavanaugh, Michael Vironeides, James Carlson, Erik Lagace, Alex Lederman, Shelby Raymond, Cassidy Murphy, Katelynn Horvath, Emilee Christopher, and Jadyn Ide-Pech, Gabbie Schinkel, Taylor Chambers, Lauren Almeida, Emma Love, Allison Bronson, Nate Lincoln, Sean Miscikoski, Nick Benedetti, and Xander DeLoureiro