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As you may know, in August when your student returns to school, Canton High School will have a new modified schedule that will include an 8 period day. There are several goals with this new schedule.  First, it will give students opportunities for additional electives which will allow for the attainment of 25 credits which are required for graduation beginning with the class of 2019.  Also, it should prove to reduce scheduling conflicts and provide more opportunities for student internships, VHS courses and is in alignment with the state graduation requirement that all students earn a credit in Senior Capstone. 

As we have done in previous years, all students will participate in our CHAT (Canton High Advisory Time) each Wednesday.  Student lunch periods have been scheduled into D, E, F or G period. 

Mon, Tues*, Thurs, Fri                                                       
  7:30      Warning Bell
  7:35 - 8:23 A
  8:26 - 9:14 B
  9:17 - 10:05 C
10:08 - 10:56 D
10:59 - 11:47 E
11:50 - 12:38 F
12:41 -  1:29 G
  1:32 -  2:20 H
  7:30      Warning Bell
  7:35 -  8:20 C
  8:23 -  8:41 CHAT
  8:44-  9:29 A
  9:32 - 10:17 B
10:20 - 11:05 D
11:08 - 11:53 E
11:56 - 12:41  F
12:44 -  1:29  G
  1:35 -  2:20  H  

The schedule will rotate the first three periods of the day (as opposed to the first four last year) to afford teachers and students the opportunity to benefit from learning different subjects at different times of the day.

Rotation Period A,B,C
    M     T     W     Thu Fri
    A     B     C       B  A
    B     C     A       C  B
    C     A     B       A  C

Additionally as a part of our new schedule, the Board of Education has set aside time for Canton High School teacher’s to collaborate on a myriad of school and district initiatives with the goal of improved student learning. Twenty Tuesday’s have been selected for this “Community of Practice” time. On these dates, school will begin at 8:23 for students.

          September 29
          October 6, 20, 27
          November 10 
          December 1,8,15
          February 23
          March 1,8,22, 29
          April 5, 19, 26
          May 3,10,17,24 

The schedule for these days will be as follows: 

(Community of Practice Dates)

  7:30       Warning Bell
  7:30 -  8:20     Teacher’s meet
  8:23 -  9:05    B
  9:08 – 9:50     C
  9:53- 10:35     A
10:38 - 11:20     D
11:23 - 12:05     E
12:08 - 12:50    F
12:53 -  1:35    G
  1:38 -  2:20    H  
On these pre-scheduled dates please keep in mind the following important information: 

   - Busses will run at normal time and students are encouraged to come by 7:30.
   - Students can choose to come to school at 8:20
   - If students choose to come to school at “regular time”, they will be afforded the following options:
                 -  Supervised area of Library Media Center, Cafeteria, Gymnasium and Guidance
                 -  Guidance-Method Test Prep, Guidance meetings
                 -  Club meetings- NHS, CATA, Student Council, Science NHS, other
                 -  Meet with SRBI tutor, Language Arts consultant, paraprofessionals
                 -  Assembly Time
                 -  Class or school-wide testing

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Canton High School Principal, Drew DiPippo, at 693-7707.

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Welcome to the Canton High School website. Canton High School (CHS) includes grades 9 through 12 containing approximately 500 students. Our mission is to engage all students in learning by providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum in an environment of mutual respect and personal responsibility. Our dedicated faculty and staff focus on these values every day, as they challenge students to grow through fostering critical thinking and individual reflection, encouraging development of skills for life long learning, supporting students to reach their full potential, while providing a safe and secure environment.  

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Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of current 9th, 10th and 11th graders:


It is hard to believe, but Monday, January 27th is the last day of our first semester. With our new semester underway, it is now time to look forward to the course registration process for the 2020-2021 school year. As you may know, our course registration process occurs electronically using Power School. The purpose of this parent alert is that we will begin this process with your student’s Monday during school. 

Canton High School students have received a great deal of information about this process through communication with teachers, school counselors and administration and we are excited about the opportunity for families to be involved in this important process. If you have questions regarding specific courses and overall course options, please review Canton High Schools Program of Studies.

Monday, January 27th during our CHAT, students will be given the opportunity to select courses utilizing our electronic course registration process. Students will view recommendations and choose both core subject area and elective courses.  Please know, these selections are NOT FINAL. The goal is to have parents and students review these submissions together and make changes if necessary. The electronic portal will open on January 27th and remain active to give students/families the opportunity to re-submit as many times as they wish.  It is expected that all students will complete their registration process and make all final submissions by February 7, 2020. Selections would then be final and the window will close. 

Login Information: To register via the portal, you must Login using your child’s username and password at Most students actively use this account and know their name and password. However, if there are issues with accessing the username & password, contact my administrative assistant, Donna Miscikoski, at or call at (860)-693-7707.

Directions and tutorials:

·        Directions for the course registration process can be found here

·        Or, if you would like to view a tutorial please click here.


With regard to questions or concerns about core academic courses our academic levels, please contact your student’s current academic teacher or department chair listed below. You are also encouraged to contact your student’s counselor with any questions or concerns throughout the process.


Department Chairs:

English:  Dr. Kidwell             

Math:  Mrs. Aitchison          

Science:  Mrs. Jorgensen      

Social Studies: Ms. Mocarski

World Language:  Ms. Subrizi


School Counselors:

Deb Schwager                      

Jen Theodoratos                   

Mike Furey                           


Waiving of a recommendation:

If you disagree with a specific teacher recommendation and would like to “override” a teacher recommendation, students can access a “Request for Course Recommendation Override” form directly from their school counselor. It is important the student meets directly with their counselor to initiate this process. Override forms will be honored through Monday, February 24.


Please know that we stand ready to assist you in any way as you work through the course registration process.


Drew DiPippo, Principal







Online Registration Powerschool Tutorial