Welcome to Cherry Brook Primary School

Cherry Brook Primary School is a Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3 school with approximately 450 students nestled within the lovely hills of Canton. We actively support students in their academic learning, and social development.   Cherry Brook Primary School is a special place where students are valued, there are high learning expectations, and a strong partnership between home and school. 

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From the Principal

The heat has finally appeared to truly help us get ready for summer.  This seemed to be the missing piece as we head into the final two weeks of school.  It’s time for my annual Academy Award speech with the lists of thank yous!

Thank you students!  Each day you come into school excited to learn and ready for the challenges and opportunities our teachers set up for you.  You are kind, responsible and safe which allow us all to have an enjoyable school day and be the best learners we can be.

Thank you staff!  While we are fortunate to have a great support network around us, you take our fantastic children and get them to learn and be positive community members.  You greet our children with a smile and allow them to grow knowing when to push, when to help and when a hug is needed.  Your compassion and excitement for our children help make the school special.

Thank you parents!  You have wonderful children that you share with us each day.  They come to school ready to learn and when we need additional help, you are always there.  Whether it is hanging artwork for the Art Show, running a center in the classroom, preparing materials for teachers, reading a story to a classroom or helping with recess, you are there.   No matter what we ask of you, you always deliver.  Thank you again for all of your support!

Thank you, PTO! Under the leadership of Katie Lucca, you continue to find ways to make our magnificent school even better.  You’ve organized so many wonderful family events throughout the year along with support during the school day, including assemblies, support for the media center by purchasing WeBots and our amazing 75th surprise birthday for CBPS.  The connection between the parents and school is vital to CBPS’s success and the PTO helped facilitate our positive exchanges.  Thank you again for all of your support!

For a successful school, it takes a number of people working in unison with the common understanding of helping students.  It’s this shared effort that makes CBPS the amazing place that it is.

On behalf of students, teachers and staff, thank you for making CBPS such a strong learning community. We have such a special school and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

Enjoy all of the endless possibilities that summertime offers, keep reading and we’ll see you soon!


Andy Robbin